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- Headlight Restoration
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A chip or scratch in a vehicle windscreen is dangerous and should be dealt with as soon as possible. We use our unique Glass Tech kit to restore the glass to its original appearance. The repair will be virtually invisible to the naked eye.


Headlights can lose their clarity over time due to age and the environment. More and more vehicle manufacturers now use replacement bulbs with plastic lens which are more prone to discolouration from the sun. This discolouration clouds the bulb thus reducing the effectiveness of the head light and more importantly the drivers visibilty. Using the Glass Tech restoration system, headlights can be returned to their original state. Restoring a headlight is a far cheaper option for the vehicle owner than replacing the headlight.


First impressions count! More businesses’ are choosing to repair window glass rather than replace the whole pane, this is a much more cost-effective way of enhancing the look of their bussiness or office.

GlassTech Glazing Scratch Repairs

As a leading company in glass repair, we can remove any scratch on and surface off glass i.e house panel glass, commercial shop front windows, commercial glass office buildings. Few commercial company’s that use our service for this is
– Watkins estates
– Runcorn glass
– Various glass merchants
As well as removing scratches on glazing panel glass we also can remove scratches/wiper marks off car windscreens.

Due to franchising GLASSTECH we will be offering a nationwide service in the near future.
For more information contact us on: 0800 0028 9407

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